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JUNE 1st  2024



In 2010 Our Director Donna Lowe was sitting on her patio a couple of weeks before attending the Tamworth CMF and suggested to her mates that there should be a small get together to celebrate our Indie Artists and acknowledge them for the music they create and the music that gives us so much pleasure. 

As a consequence that idea grew in size and became Meet n Greet Country Awards and Showcase. With the first event being a small crowd of 30 people at the Tamworth Services Club. Only 5 awards were presented but, as the years progressed we decided that we needed to include as many of our Artists, Producers Community Radio and Photographers as we could and the interest in participating grew with it each year, over the following 5 years.

After a few major hiccups in 2014 The Awards and Showcase took a 12 month break to restructure and re organise everything and hence the name change to ICMA ( Independent Country Music Australia) 

The first one back was held in 2016, at the South Tamworth Bowls club every year until 2020 when the dreaded COVID outbreak stopped everything in it`s tracks including our beloved Musicians and the Music Industry in general.

We as a group of Fans created this organization together to acknowledge and promote our Independent Music Industry, and we are proud of all that we have achieved. 

With the exception of our Award plaques, which are sponsored by small businesses and Individual fans who are just as passionate about our Industry as we are, ICMA is self-funded by our Director, Donna Lowe and small donations from fans and Country Music lovers alike.
 ICMA are here to stay and we are proud of our Australian Music Industry. 


 We are currently drawing up a new Nomination form so stay tuned for details as to when that is ready. In the meantime you can express your interest in Nominating via email at

  • Nominations will open on Februaty 1st 2024 and each year after
  • Nominations will close on May 1st 2024 and each year after

Once Nominations are received, and Administration Fees are paid, they are given to a team to listen to the materials submitted and 5 Finalists in each Category will be selected.
These Finalists will then be advised by email and thier submissions will be posted on the voting page of our website along with the voting poll ready for Fans to vote once voting opens. 

  • Voting will commence on the 1st of June  each year. 
  • Voting will close on the 30th October each year. .. 

Winners will be announced and presented at the Tamworth CMF every year moving forward .. 
VENUE, DATES and TIMES to be announced each year
Categories are:
YOU DO NOT need to be a Member of ICMA to enter.
There is a $25 Administration Fee to submit your materials.

1.To be Australian Country Music Artist, Band producer, Photographer etc.,
2. You must be an Independent
1. Best Independent Female Artist
2. Best Independent Male Artist
3. Patti McKinnon Encouragement Award (You need to be an up and coming young Artist no older than 21yrs)
4. Best Independent Balladeer
5. Best Independent Country Band
6. Best Independent Duo
7. Best Independent Video
8. Best Independent Country Producer/Director
9. Al Slade Memorial Award for Photography
10. Bob Browne `Bundy On` Memorial Award for Community Radio
11. Best Independent Country Album - (Must not have been released before January 2021)
12. TC Brown Memorial for Independent Country Instrumental
13. Best New Independent Female Country Artist
14. Best New Independent Male Country Artist
15. Best Independent Australian Single
16. *NEW CATEGORY* Best LIVE performance ( Artist, Band or Duos)
17. Johnny Norton Memorial Award for Best Traditional Country Music Artist